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Welcome to the Information Technology Department's Help Site!

This help page is intended to be your one-stop shop for all questions related to Technology in the Watkins Glen Central District. Here we have put together a collection of information, instructions, tips, links, hints, forms, policies and procedures related to Technology and its use in your classrooms and offices.  



The Technology Department at Watkins Glen Central School District is staffed by GST BOCES Computer Services employees dedicated to providing you the highest level of customer service under the policies and procedures of the district and at the direction of the district’s Technology Director. Our job is to keep the network and equipment functional, secure, and current using best practices of the management of enterprise networks in educational environments under current budget constraints.

Our staff includes:

  • Melanie Chandler, Technology Director
  • Nancy Bradascio, Administrative Assistant
  • Ben Kathan, LANTech
  • Noah Blanchard, LANTech
  • Jesse Dilly, LANTech
  • Pam Rutledge, Schooltool Support
  • Renee Carver, Distance Learning Support
  • Camilla Cooper, Wincap and Rami Support

Additionally, our staff is supplemented and supported by over 75 more people at GST BOCES Computer Services in Building 4 of the Bush Campus including the Helpdesk.


Instructional Technology

The Technology Department is only one component of the effective use of technology in your classroom. The district has the support of the Instructional Technology Specialists from both the District and GST BOCES Instructional Support Center at Building 11. These specialists come into your classroom on a regular basis and provide you the assistance and direction to integrate technology into your curriculum using the supported software and resources that are available.

The ISC Staff includes:

  • Trish Ervay
  • Theresa Keesey

Technology Support in your schools

Technology support in your schools is provided by our Lan Techs and the Help Desk. The Help Desk is the front line of support in helping you to use and troubleshoot hardware and software issues in your classroom.


I need Help, what do I do?

You’ve come to the right place! Take a look around our Help Page and you may find the answer to your questions here. If you don’t, please contact the Helpdesk.  The friendly folks on the Helpdesk will help to understand your problem and assist if possible, or create a ticket in the Helpdesk Job Board for a LANTech to diagnose. Please do not call or email the LanTech staff directly! We work directly off the job board to take care of everyone around the district in the most efficient manner possible. If you call or email our staff directly and that person is absent, your issue will not be able to be addressed by another staffperson. By contacting the Helpdesk, a ticket is created and all of our staff are able to access and address your issue.


If you have a question about consumables, Jackie Clark manages the inventory and distribution of most consumables for the Technology Department. Be sure to review the pages on this help page because many of the questions regarding consumables are answered on these pages.

If you have other ideas or thoughts about Technology, feel free to contact me. If I’m not the person to address your question, I’ll try to help you figure out who is.

Melanie Chandler
Technology Director