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Welcome to the 

Watkins Glen School District's

Instructional Support and Student Services Department


Phone:  607-535-3254                                                                                                                                 Fax:  607-535-3204


Office Staff

Kristine Somerville - Director of Instruction & Student Services                 Rod Weeden - District Data Coordinator

                             504 Coordinator

Amy Miller - CSE/CPSE Chairperson


Gail Butler - Administrative Assistant                                                    Kristina Olevnik - Administrative Assistant


The Instructional Support and Student Services staff deal with numerous areas.  Please contact this office with any quetions regarding the following:

  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
  • Special Education and otheer Student Support Services
  • Response to Intervention Services
  • 504 Accommodation Plans
  • District and Testing Data
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Homeless & Temporary Housing
  • English Language Learners (ELL) Services
  • Title IX
  • District Grants


Special Services

The Watkins Glen School District supports an inclusive educational community where each child is empowered to learn and achieve his or her potential. Diversity of all students is embraced and respected.  We have high expectations of all students, maximize opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of the school and greater community, and strive to maintain a safe learning environment.


The Special Services site will guide you through the District's policies, programs, and resources provided to promote the learning of all students.


Student Support Services

Our Student Support Services counselors provide a wide variety of services at all grade levels. These services are a benefit to students, parents and teachers alike. While the quality of the services that we provide to our community is dependent upon a well-organized and articulated plan, it is worth noting that our counselors play a unique role in the lives of our students. Their role is as flexible and adaptable as the needs of our students. More details regarding services and providers can be found at individual sites and in the District Guidance Plan.

Click here to view the District Guidance Plan


District-wide Student Support Service Providers

Melissa Snow - School Psychologist - CSE/CPSE Chair                         Karlene Andrews - Speech Language Pathologist

Katie Richardson - School Psychologist - CSE/CPSE Chair                    Nan Evans - Speech Therapist

                                                                                                      Katie Mahoney - Occupational Therapist

                                                                                                      Ben Bingham - Physical Therapist


Elementary Student Support Services (Guidance)

Alyssa Hoobler - School Counselor                                                    Elaine Elsik-Malina - Administrative Assistant

Mental Health Site-based Couselor


High School Student Support Services (Guidance)

Michelle Simiele - School Counselor                                                  Dawn Harrell - Attendance Clerk

Melissa Woodward - School Counselor                                               Robin Bingham - Administrative Assistant


Community Schools -- F.A.C.T. Center                                            Christin Bresett - Coordinator/School Counselor

The F.A.C.T. Center (Families and Children Together) is made possible through the Community Schools Grant. It serves the District’s most at-risk students and their parents by removing barriers to academic achievement and career readiness, and promoting strength-based individualized interventions focused on supporting the whole child and family.  This provides an opportunity for numerous community agencies to partner with the school district to devlop numerous extended day actvities for our students.


Instructional Support/District Data


As a learning organization, the vision for Professional Development will affect us all in how we work and grow as individuals as we continue to strive for better results in student achievement.  Details regarding District Data and Curriculum and Professional Development can be found by linking to this site.