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Special Services Department



The Watkins Glen Central School District is committed to providing a quality education to each and every student. As a result of the dedication and commitment on the part of the Watkins Glen Central School District Board of Education and faculty, the programs and services offered to students with educational disabilities are proactive and comprehensive. The special education faculty receives professional development and training on a regular basis. Additionally, the collaborative efforts between the general education and special education faculty are continuously supported.


The district prescribes to the philosophy that all students can learn with the appropriate instruction and educational environment. Students with disabilities should be provided instruction in the least restrictive environment appropriate. By learning with non-disabled peers, students with educational disabilities have access to quality classroom instruction, high expectations, and meaningful cooperative learning experiences.


We recognizes that not all students learn in the same way on the same day. In other words, students may differ in their learning styles, academic strengths and weakness, previous learning experiences, and preferences. It is by recognizing these differences that our faculty can most effectively meet the needs of all learners. Meeting the needs of diverse learns and differentiated instructional practices while implementing a rigorous curriculum has been the focus of many recent professional development opportunities.


Intervention Support Services

The Watkins Glen School District offers support services to students with identified needs in grades Pre-K - 12. These services are provided using a combination of federal, state and local funds.  In the primary grades, the support effort is focused on preventative intervention services in the areas of reading, language arts and math.  Intervention services are provided for students district-wide who score below the state reference point in reading, writing, and math.  The purpose of this extra help in school is to assist the students in achieving grade-level efficiency and to be successful in the general education Curriculum

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Committee on Special Education (CSE)

The Watkins Glen School District's Committee on Special Education (CSE) meets at least weekly.  The CSE operates under federal and state regulations, ensuring that procedural due process rights are afforded to each student.  The CSE is responsible for producing appropriate special education programs and services to students who have been identified as having one or more of the following disabilities:

  • autism
  • deafness
  • deaf-blindness
  • emotional disturbance
  • hearing impairment
  • learning disability
  • intellectual disability
  • multiple disabilities
  • orthopedic impairment
  • other health impairment
  • speech or language impairment
  • traumatic brain injury
  • visual impairment

Parental participation is encouraged throughout the referral and planning process.  Parents are a vital member of the CSE team.  For additional information, contact the Director of Student Services or CSE Chairperson at 607-535-3254.

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Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE)

The Watkins Glen School District is responsible for ensuring that three to five year old students who are eligible for preschool special education services are provided with a free and appropriate education.  The CPSE operates under the same federal and state regulations that govern the CSE.  The continuum of service options for preschool children with disabilities are: 

  • related services only (speech, physical, and occupational therapy)
  • special education itinerent services
  • special class (integrated or segregated)
  • home-based services
  • transition programs
  • residential programs

Contact the Director of Student Services at 607-535-3254 for additional information.


Section 504 Committee

The Watkins Glen School District has established a Section 504 Committee in each of the buildings.  The district's obligation under Section 504 is to ensure that any student with a mental or physical impairment, substantially limiting a major life activity, must be afforded reasonable accommodations and must be assured a free, appropriate public education.  At each school, the building principal shall be responsible for 504 implementation.  The school counselor at each building should be contacted for further information.  The Director of Student Services serves as the 504 Coordinator.


Respone to Intervention (RTI)

The RTI Team, comprised of the building principal, school counselor(s), school psychologist, and cross-representation of classroom and special education teachers, has been established in each school in our district.  Any student identified as having academic difficulties or social adjustment concerns can be referred to the RTI Team.


Input from staff and parents, review of school records and classroom observations may occur to help determine how to meet the student's individual needs.  Recommendations as to the necessity of scientifically-based interventions, on-going progress-monitoring, and further evaluations will be shared with parents and classroom teachers.


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