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Home Schooling Guidelines and Procedures


The purpose of this section is to provide parents who are considering home schooling as an option for their children with the necessary information to be in compliance with the regulations from the New York State Education Department.   The school district has a responsibility to determine the competency of the instructor and substantial equivalence of instruction being provided at the home to students of compulsory attendance age, and to assist parents who exercise their right to provide required instruction at home to such students in fulfilling their responsibilities under Education law section 3212 (2).  These regulations can be found in full on the New York State Education Department web site at the link below:

Click Here for the New York State Regulations


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Notice of Intent

Persons in a parental relationship to a student of compulsory school attendance age (under 17) shall provide written notice to the superintendent of schools in their schools district of residence of their intention to home school their child by July 1st of each school year.  After the start of the school year they shall provide notice of their intention within 14 days following the commencement of home instruction. 

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Procedures for the Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) 

 Parents will receive a copy of section 100.1 of the Commissioners Regulations and a IHIP form to complete and return to the district within 4 weeks of receipt.  The superintendent will review the IHIP and determine if the plan complies with the requirements or if it is deficient.  If the plan is deficient the parents will have an opportunity to revise the plan within 15 days. 

The IHIP shall contain: 

- The Childs name, age, and grade level 

- A list of the syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, or plan of instruction to be used in each of the required subjects listed in the subdivision (e) of the IHIP section. 

- The dates for the submission of the parent's quarterly reports will be provided; 

- The names of the individuals providing the instruction 

  Download IHIP Cover Page here (Adobe Acrobat Doc)

  Download IHIP Grades 1-6 here (Adobe Acrobat Doc)

  Download IHIP Grades 7-8 here (Adobe Acrobat Doc)

  Download IHIP Grades 9-12 here (Adobe Acrobat Doc)


Required Courses   

There is information available from the district and on the NYSED web site that provides a detailed listing of course requirements for all grade levels. 


Attendance Requirements  

 Each child is expected to attend instruction for the equivalent of 180 school days.  Parents are expected to maintain attendance records and shall be made available upon request of the district.  


Quarterly Reports 

Quarterly reports shall be submitted to the district four times throughout the year.  The quarterly reports shall contain the number of hours of instruction, a description of all of the material covered according to the IHIP, a grade for each subject or a written narrative of the childs progress and an explanation if less than 80% of the work identified for that quarter on the IHIP has not been completed.  At the filing of the second quarterly report the parent will notify the district of their preferred assessment instrument.

Quarterly Report for Grades 1-6  (Adobe Acrobat Doc)

Quarterly Report for Grades 7-8  (Adobe Acrobat Doc)

Quarterly Report for Grades 9-12  (Adobe Acrobat Doc)


Annual Assessment

At the time of the filing of the fourth quarterly report the parent shall also file a final assessment in accordance with the subdivision in the regulations.  The annual assessment shall include the results of a commercially published norm-referenced achievement test which meets the requirements of the state regulation.   More detailed information on assessments is available from the district or by checking the New York State website.  There are specific details that must be complied with in regard to who is qualified to do the testing and where the testing is to be done.  There are also alternative options within the regulations.

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If a child’s annual assessment fails to comply with the requirements of the regulations, the home instruction program shall be placed on probation for a period up to (2) school years.  The parents shall be required to submit a plan of remediation which addresses the deficiencies in the child’s achievement, and seek to remedy said deficiencies.  The plan shall be reviewed by the school district.  The school district may require the parents to make changes in the plan prior to acceptance.  If after the two year probationary period sufficient success has not been achieved and if the Superintendent and School District Board of Education has grounds to believe there is noncompliance a home schooling request can be denied.