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  • When to contact the Helpdesk
  • Information to help the Helpdesk assist you
    • Computer or Laptop Issues
    • Capturing a Screenshot

When to contact the Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is the districts first line of technical support.  They are able to help you with many of your technical issues quickly and over the phone.   If they are unable to help you, they will file a Help Desk ticket that will be passed along to our second level of Technical Support which includes our District LanTechs as well as other teams at the Computer Services Center of BOCES.   The Help Desk can assist with any issues relating to computer technology in your classroom with the exception of ordering printer supplies.

You can contact the Help Desk by:
Calling 795–5324 or x7001324 through your VoIp Phone,  email at helpdesk@gstboces.org

Information to help the Helpdesk assist you

  Computer or Laptop Issues

If you are calling the Helpdesk with a problem with your computer or laptop, the most important information for the Helpdesk is the hostname. The hostname should appear on the desktop in the upper right corner of your screen (see below).


If it is not there, you can follow, these steps to get the hostname:
  • Click Start > Click Run > Type CMD > Hit Enter
  • In the black box that appears, type hostname and hit enter
  • The computer will display the hostname directly underneath. Write it down.
  • You can click the “X” to close the black box.

Host names are determined in the following manner:

  • First 3 letters are building
  • Next 2 letters are Operating System
  • Next letter is D for desktop, L for laptop
  • Then it is the user name or room number, followed by a number to identify the computer
  • For example
    WGH | W7 | D | 78601 is a Windows 7 desktop in room 786 at the High School.
    WGE| W7 | D | 43803 is a Windows 7 desktop in room 738 at the Elementary School.

Capturing a Screenshot

It may be very helpful for troubleshooting to obtain a screenshot, in particular when you are experiencing a specific error message. To capture a screenshot:

  • With the error on screen, press the Print Screen button, usually found in the upper right side of your keyboard. It may also be abbreviated like PrtScn.
  • When you press the Print Screen key, it will copy an image of what your desktop looks like to the clipboard. You will need to paste the contents of the clipboard into a document.
  • Click Start > Click Run > Type Wordpad > Hit Enter
  • When Wordpad opens, select Edit > Paste
  • Save the file to your H drive
  • Attach the file to an email to the Helpdesk