"From Ingenuity Comes Triumph"


Board of Education


Board Members
Term Expires

Gloria Brubaker, President June 30, 2020
Mark Franzese, Vice President June 30, 2019
Tracey VanSkiver June 30, 2020
Kris Clarkson June 30, 2020
Kelly McCarthy June 30, 2018
Kristin Hazlitt June 30, 2019
Barbara Schimizzi June 30, 2018


Board of Education Meetings

     Meetings of the Watkins Glen Central School District Board of Education are generally held on the first and third Monday of each month. Unless otherwise stated, Board of Education meetings begin at 5:45 p.m.

     During the winter months, Board of Education meetings may be held more frequently than every other Monday as the board builds the educational plan/budget for the following school year.

     Media coverage for Board of Education meetings may be found in The Watkins Review & Express, the Star-Gazette

     and on radio station WFLR.


Organization of the Board

     The school board is comprised of seven elected trustees who serve three-year terms of office. The terms are staggered so two or three board members are elected each year.

     An organizational meeting of the board is held each July. During this meeting, board members elect a president and vice president.

     Members serve on various board committees, including Personnel, Curriculum, Buildings and Grounds, Transportation and Finance. Much of the board’s work is done through these committees.


Your Comments

     Board members welcome comments and questions from the public. So that the board can conduct its business in an orderly manner, a time for public participation is scheduled during each regular and special meeting.

     During the public communications portion of the meeting, the President of the board will ask for suggestions, comments and questions from members of the audience. Those who wish to speak on a school-related topic may do so for up to five minutes.


Board Policy Books

     The Board of Education policy book is available in the district office and by clicking here.  Board of Education meetings follow an established agenda, with supplemental items added only at the direction of the Superintendent and/or members of the board.