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Athletic Forms


Steps necessary for students to play WG Sports

1. Get and complete pink sheet and white sheet from school nurse, see below for forms.

2. Return all paperwork to the nurse (nurse keeps pink sheet and returns the white sheet to the athletic department).

3. If student desires to matriculate to a different level sport, they must contact Mr. Weeden or Mr Lattin. The first step would be gaining parent approval by signing the parent approval and medical forms. A review of the athletes academic, discipline and athletic ability will be reviewed by a team (Building Principal, Disciplinarian, PE Teacher and Athletic Director) in order to move forward. If approved at this level, the school doctor or personal doctor must perform a tanner test for maturity. If student meets the state criteria on the tanner test that is sport specific, the student must then meet the physical fitness criteria that is also sport specific. Passing all the assessments along with coach's approval will allow the student to participate in the appropriate level sports program.  Athlete Placement Full Document  and  Frequently asked questions

Click Here - Regulations on Mixed Competition



Medical Forms

 Submitted to Nurse

Click Here - Health History Update Form (Parent) and Health Cerificate/Appraisal Form (Parent, Nurse, Doctor)

Click Here - Parent Consent/Medical Release


Committment and Pledge Forms

 Submitted to Coach

Click Here - Commitment Cover Letter

Click Here - Athlete's Committment/ Substance Use

Click Here - Parent's Committment

Click Here - Parent and Athlete Pledge Form