"From Ingenuity Comes Triumph"


Annual Professional

Performance Review (APPR)


In accordance with Education Law 3012-c(10)(c) the Watkins Glen School District will make available to Parents or Legal Guardians your child’s current Teacher’s Final Rating and Composite Effectiveness score beginning October 18, 2013. You must make this request to the Building Principal and will be required to come to the school for a brief meeting.


The Watkins Glen Central School District APPR steering committee of Teachers, Administrators and the Superintendent of Schools has worked diligently developing a new system for teacher and Principal evaluation. The purpose of the new evaluation system is to ensure quality teaching and learning practices are in place and comply with Education Law 3012-C. The focus of this plan includes: 

  • Quality professional growth of teachers and principals in their instructional practices.
  • Use of evidenced-based standards in each area of classroom instruction that are more objective and rubrics that are clearly defined.
  • Establishes a procedural manual to make the evaluation system clear and available to everyone.

Committee Members for the 3012-D plan approved on February 2, 2016:

  • Thomas J. Phillips, Superintendent
  • Nan Woodworth-Shaw, Director of Student Services
  • Rod Weeden, Administrator
  • Kristine Somerville, Administrator
  • Kai D'Alleva, High School Principal
  • Steve McFarland, Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Travis Durfee, President of WGFA
  • Rachelle Clark, Elementary School Self Contained Special Education Teacher
  • Alice Conklin, Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher
  • Amy Miller, Elementary School 5th Grade Special Education Teacher
  • Jeanette Lasko, High School English Teacher
  • Liam O'Kane, High School English Teacher
  • Mary Rodgers, High School Science Teacher
  • Alex Richmond, High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Jamie Pokerwinski, Instructional Support Teacher for RTI

 Click here for the Assessment Administration in Conjunction with APPRs Transparency report