"From Ingenuity Comes Triumph"


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A Positive Attitude

POSITIVE ATTITUDE can make the difference between failure and success, average or excellent. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE toward work and co-workers is essential! The attitude of “I CAN DO” and “HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE?” are critical to success. People who are willing to accept responsibility, make tough decisions, and invest the necessary energy to see a project through to conclusion are invaluable in business. Hard work and an attitude that “I will do my best in whatever assignment comes my way” goes a long way.



Course Offerings

Below is a listing of the courses offered in the Business Department. They are organized into Marketing, Finance, Computer, and Business Administration Clusters. We are very proud of the diversity, relevance, and state of the art programs we offer to students at our school.


Business Department Course Offerings


Career and Financial Management/ACE Personal Budgeting– ½

Word Processing /Computer Applications I– ½

ACE Word Processing ACE Spreadsheets - 1/2

ACE Desktop Publishing/Desktop Publishing – 1 **

Web Page Design – ½

Desktop Publishing II – 1 **

Studio in Graphic Arts I – 1

Studio in Graphic Arts II – 1

Advertising and Marketing – 1