"From Ingenuity Comes Triumph"


Build a Lifelong Love of Reading
in Every Student!

We at Watkins Glen Elementary School have used the Accelerated Reader Program since the 2004-2005 school year. This was the start of our annual Read for Speed program in collaboration with Watkins Glen International. The program is incentive based and is meant to jump start a child’s love for reading. At the start of the 2010 school year we had enhanced the program, so that it will cover a greater span of the school year and give parents more access to their child’s progress. Each year we plan to keep the program fresh through an annual kick off assembly that is upbeat and fun for all.  Although there is a use of a variety of classroom and school wide incentives that go along with the program to help with student motivation, the real incentive for everyone involve with the program is to build a love of reading in every student.

The Accelerated Reader program has two tools for parents and students to view information about their progress from home or to see if a book is one of the thousands in their collection of quizzes.  AR Home Connect is a website that you and your child can log into using your child's Accelerated Reader account information to view the books your child have read and see their progress.  The AR Bookfinder website is a web portal that you and your child can use to search the library of book quizzes available when students access the Accelerated Reader program at school.  As a side note, all AR quizzes must be taken at school and during school hours.

You can receive a lot more answers to questions about the Home Connect product by clicking on the Parent Guide to Renaissance Place link.